Career Center

The third innovative aspect of the project is the establishment of a unified Career Center in order to increase the employment opportunities of graduates. Some of the partnering institutions have already established a functioning Career Center in each of its facilities. The project aims to build on their experiences and accumulated knowledge, to establish a unified international Career Center, where graduates will get the optimal expertise and advice quality possible.

Ideally, Career Centers need to be developed as to help build professional competencies in students, enabling them to participate actively in the workforce, both through internships during their studies, and at latter stages, by providing contacts for them with the business community. However, career centers must be able to precisely evaluate each student in order to suggest the most suitable career paths for them and provide opportunities to take those paths. Therefore, a significant portion of the activities will be focused on the research on existing career centers in partners, and other institutions throughout Europe and worldwide; outline the traits that successful career centers have, and then create a model for a unified career center, which will be applicable and useful in any higher education institution. Finally, partners will implement this model and evaluate results subsequently.