Successful Organization of the Final Meeting as part of the ISPEHE Project

A 2 day Final Meeting was organized at the premises of the Integrated Business Institute (IBI) on the 3-4 November, 2016 concerning the final conclusions of the 2-year implementation of the ISPEHE project, providing an overview of the completed project activities and outputs, achieved results, and discussing project sustainability issues. A total of 13 project team members were present at the meeting, from each of the partnering institutions: IBI (project coordinator) and the partnering institutions: EKA – Riga (Latvia), RTU (Latvia), Faculty of Administration – University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and University of Pavia (Italy).


The partnering institutions focused on addressing the following issues on the meeting:

  • Discussing project results concerning the 3 components: SILM, BEP platform, Consolidated Career Center
  • Discussing the progress and the implementation of the 11 project outputs
  • Presenting the reporting process and discussing the issues raised at the reporting visits to the project coordinator by the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility
  • Discussing further administrative and technical requirements by each of the partnering institutions
  • Presenting a snapshot of the budget, analyzing budget items and discussing issues concerning the budget
  • Preparations for creating the Final Report, delegating further obligations

The final meeting was part of the project activities of ISPEHE, financed and supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.