Successful Organization of a Working Group Meeting: “Evaluation of the Functioning of the Final Version of the BEP Platform”

As part of the 3rd Component of the ISPEHE project, the BEP platform, output BEP Version 2, a 2-day meeting among the project team members responsible for designing and establishing a functional software solution was organized at the premises of the Integrated Business Institute (IBI). The working group meeting took place on the 2-3 November 2016, and a total of 6 persons (at least 1 participant from each of the partnering institutions) were present. The meeting had the aim of finalizing the implementation process of the BEP versions 1 and 2, and establishing a fully functional platform as presented in the initial proposal.


The working group meeting addressed the following issues:

  • Designing and resolving issues concerning the BEP Version 2 Frontend and monitoring system,
  • Discussing issues related to the BEP BigBlueButton Conferencing system,
  • Presenting and revisiting the progress and completion level of the entire BEP platform (both versions),
  • Addressing potential technical difficulties and test-running the platform,
  • Overview of the results and deliverables related to the Component,
  • Preparing technical documentation concerning the work-flow and sequential diagrams for the platform,
  • BEP platform archive and translating the contents in each of the languages of the partnering institutions.

The working group meeting is part of the project activities of ISPEHE, financed and supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. ISPEHE has a 2 year implementation period, expected to be completed by the end of December 2016, under the guidance and monitoring of the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility – R. Macedonia. The project coordinator is the Integrated Business Institute while the Consortium is additionally composed of: EKA (Latvia), RTU (Latvia), Faculty of Administration – University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and University of Pavia (Italy).