Successful Organization of an Intensive Capacity Building Event in Pavia: Perspectives and Modernization of Higher Education

The ISPEHE project team successfully conducted the first Intensive Capacity Building Event, organized at the premises of the University of Pavia, which provided insightful information and pedagogical excellence. The event which lasted for 7 days, from the 20-26 September, concerning the implementation of Component 1 (SILM), with the particular focus on addressing the issues identified at the meeting in Pavia, and setting the foundation for creating the Pilot Model, as part of this Component.

The partnering institutions focused on addressing the following issues on the meeting:

  • Common trends concerning the survey undertook within the project on SILM (Strategic integration of learning models)
  • Problem-based learning in management courses – what it means; examples of best practices
  • Exercise classes – what do we mean by it; what is a good exercise class; examples of best practices in management courses
  • Case studies – what do we mean by it; what is a good case study; examples of best practices in management courses
  • What do we mean by effective teaching? What is the power of teaching?
  • Assessment – integrated assessment; oral + written assessment
  • Student – demonstrator; good practice of UL
  • Demonstrations (simulations) by staff capacity building week participants – what I do and how I work with my students
  • Integrated/ cross-subject and cross-programme approach; RTU – PDD approach
  • Best experiences in on-line teaching in the branch of management
  • Field trips: activities carried out during field trips; work/ things to be done pre- and post field trips

The ISPEHE project is financed and supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.