ISPEHE hastens the Implementation of Components 1 and 3: Approaching the Meetings in Riga

ISPEHE enters in its final phase of the first quarter of the project implementation period. As part of the implementation of Components 1 (Strategic Integration of Learning Models) and Component 3 (BEP 1), two separate meetings will be held in Riga during the 10-11 June.

The University College of Economics and Culture (EKA) will organize a 2-day meeting, related to the implementation of Component 1 at its premises. During the previous two months (April, May), advancements have been made in the implementation of this Component, by conducting a coordinated individual research in each of the project partners. The meeting will serve as a means of presenting the findings, discussing relevant conclusions, and setting the foundation for the preparation of the ‘Integrated Model for Fostering an Innovation Driven Culture and Learning Efficiency and HEIs’.

At the premises of Riga Technical University, during the same period (10-11 June) a meeting will be organized among IT experts of each institution concerning the BEP-1 version of the platform. The meeting will be centered around the basic version of the platform, discussing alternative design and improvement issues. The meeting will serve as a means for delegating obligations, and easing further coordination of Component 3.

The ISPEHE project is financed and supported by the European Commission, under the Erasmus+ Programme.